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The Sheltons started singing in 1958 as the George Shelton Family from Pickens SC. The group consisted of George Sr. and the six oldest children of George and Helen Shelton.
After singing in the Pickens/Greenville SC area, they were soon invited to sing in the church’s of Western NC and North GA.

Upon winning an Arthur Smith talent contest they were asked to appear on his syndicated TV program.
They were beginning to get radio airplay and appeared on the Bob Poole TV program from Greenville,S.C and the Harvesters Quartet TV program from Charlotte,N.C.

Their first album, (One by One) was recorded at Bob Jones University in Greenville,SC. They started recording with Bob Edwards on the Halo label. 
He later merged with Mark V where the Sheltons signed a recording contract in 1967.
The group then consisted of George Jr.,Sandra, Gail, Kenneth (drummer) and George Sr, (rhythm guitar)and the name was changed to The Sheltons.
In 1965 The Sheltons were the first group to discover the song
“Jesus is Coming Soon” and was the first group to record it in 1967.
It was later recorded by several major groups of that time and was the first song charted as #1 by The Singing News in 1971.
The Sheltons have released more than 15 recordings in the last 60 years

The Sheltons had the privilege to tour the U.S. with the
Blue Ridge Quartet of Spartanburg,SC from 1970-1972, appearing weekly on their syndicated TV program. 
They also made appearances on the Wheeling Jamboree in Wheeling, WV.   
and Grand Ol’ Gospel Opry on WSM Radio In Nashville,TN. 
They recorded one album with them named “Together.”

The Sheltons retired from full time travel in 1973 but continued to sing and record locally on a limited basis.
George Sr, a great rhythm guitar player, passed away in 1997 and Gail, one of the purest alto singers, passed away in 2006.
The two youngest children Frankie and Rob stepped in and the family continued on.
Rob later went on to sing lead with the Dixie Melody Boys from 2007-8.
After the group stopped touring full time in 1973 George jr joined the Senators Quartet in 1974-75 replacing Bill Shaw and most recently sung tenor for the Dixie Echoes from 2012-15

Today the group consists of Sandra, Frankie and George jr who carry on the family tradition of Gospel music in song as their ancestors before them in the Western Carolinas.

We do not enter into this lightly and consider this a serious calling. 
To proclaim Jesus Christ as the Son of GOD whose blood was shed for the redemption of a lost and dying world. 
Help us do our part by praying for this ministy.

The Sheltons have recorded 18 albums since 1959


I. One By One-Bob Jones University Studio-1959
2. City Four Square-Halo Label-1962
3. Gospel News-Halo Label-1964
4. Come Spring-Halo Label-1965
5. Heartfelt Gospel-Halo/Mark V Label-1967
6. A Little Gospel Gold-Halo/Mark V Label-1968
7. Heart & Soul-Halo/Mark V Label-1970
8. Faith For Today-Mark V-1971

9. Songs My Daddy Sang-Mark V-1971
10. Together-with The Blue Ridge Qt-Mark V-1971
11. Gospel & Guitars-Halo/Mark V Label-1972
12. It’s Going To Be Wonderful-Sounding Board Studios-1984
13. Sheltons Again-Mark V-1986
14. The Sheltons “Encore!”-Shelton Sound Studios 2007
15. The Sheltons 55th Anniversary-4 Album/2CD Set-Halo Label-2015
16. The Lost & Found-2 Album/single CD-2016
17. Jesus Is Coming Soon-50th Year Introduction-Shelton Sound Studios-2017
18. A Child’s Request-Artist Trax/Art Bain Studio-2018



Years Of Gospel Music

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